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Big word, ‘unhindered’. But we mean that you won’t experience any unnecessary problems as you beat others to the punch and leave them in the dust!

Because that’s your whole frame of mind, is it not? Being the best. Being the fastest. Being the most skilled driver. Piloting the most reliable vehicle. You don’t take no for an answer. You’re not one to be reasoned with. Your favourite colour is gold!

As it should be. It is gold that you desire and gold that you shall receive! At least, as long as it’s up to us, that is. Because All4Honda has every part you might want or need to boost your car’s performance and improve on your racing experience. Take any challenge head on. Drive up to the start of any race and always emerge victorious. You have the skills. You have the car. And now you also have the components!


The weather is not our favourite subject, as it usually means that the one who brings it up actually has nothing worthwhile to say. Yet, it cannot be left entirely undiscussed. Especially seeing as the weather conditions, as you traverse the tarmac, might play a pivotal part in your victory… or your failure!

Now, now, calm down, there’s a good kid. Yes, of course, we’ve already established that you’re the best and nothing changes that. But the elements might conspire against you! Which is why you need our Climair parts in order to redirect rain and wind from your windows. Apply them to your door frames and car roof for a clear vision and noise reduction. In other words, beat your opponents in the highest level of comfort!

Prepare for a bumpy ride… in comfort! | All4Honda

What’s this? Comfort? That’s not what racing is about! Sure it isn’t. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to actually enjoy a race, while also experiencing its full intensity.

No, sitting back and relaxing is not what a dedicated driver does until after the race has been won. If ever! Anyway, until the contest - and conquest - is at an end, there is no rest for the wicked. For your Honda needs all the improvements that ensure victory, yet without hampering your skills or proving themselves to be unnecessary.

If you recognize yourself and your vehicle in this description, well, then we’ve got great news for you. For the word ‘unnecessary’ is quite the opposite of any of the components that we can provide you with. All4Honda delivers any part you might need to solve any problem or improve specific aspects of your steel beast’s performance. Whatever your needs might be, we are here to fulfill them. Check out our vast catalogue online!


Okay, we all get the fact that moving from point A to point B is the major requirement in a race. Yet you’ll probably want to be neither shaken nor stirred, however big a fan of EON’s Bond films you might be. We hear you. That’s why we recommend to suppress any and every excessive noise and/or vibration that stems from underneath your Honda’s bonnet. Because when this occurs, anything might happen. You’ll of course want to ensure the longevity of every part of your vehicle by securing anything that might shake loose. That’s where our professional Hardrace components come in! After installing these, you may rev your engine as much as you like; you won’t experience any disturbances as you focus on the finish line!

4 Secrets You Should When Buying Used Minibuses

A sparkling new minibus has always caught your eye. Each time you watch your television, you will meet ads drawing you closer to see the taste of those new vehicles. Their daily update will attract you, and you will end up investing for one.

However, is that new minibus best for your daily transactions? Somehow it offers whistles and bells that leads to the best financing choice, but you must have the best option. Buying used mini buses.

There are many secrets you don’t know about used mini buses. To make you understand them better, I offer the best tips that will make you go for a used minibus.

Let’s have a look!

used city buses

Saves Your Money

It is always nice to drive a newly launched car. It offers a new scent and feels. Right! However, buying a new minibus is expensive compared to going for a used one.

Perhaps, you will have to fix seats, and paint it. You will end up spending more compared to what you would have used in buying a used minibus.

Avoiding Depreciation

Are you aware that once you drive a new vehicle out of that dealer shop, its value drops immediately? Just imagine you’ve spent those thousands of dollars buying a new minibus and immediately you are out of the shop its value diminishes. Probably it depreciates by 30%. It is boring!

Infact, when you buy a new minibus then decide to return it to the dealer, it will be rejected, or your money subsidized. On the other hand, if you buy a used bus and decide to return to the dealer, it will readily be accepted.

Reduced Certification Protocols

One thing that makes you go for used minibuses is reduced certification protocols. Do you know that you can end up paying a lot of money when buying a new minibus? Yes, the certification fees, and what about the registration fees? Furthermore, you will not escape the service expenses.

Environmentally Friendly

It is a fact that manufacturing a new car needs too many natural resources. On the other side, automakers are making an effort to become more sustainable and efficient. It is fundamental to save our planet by driving a used minibus with some plenty of life. Furthermore, driving a used vehicle helps in saving junkyards and recycling some useful parts.

Used coaches buses

Final verdict

It is evident that new minibuses smell nice, but do you know the value of that scent? You will have a clear idea of how much you will spend to acquire a new minibus. It is expensive!.

Spend a minute of your time to research on how much you will use, from purchasing time down to service. You will thank yourself later for purchasing a used minibus that is still in good condition.

Good luck!