Month: July 2019

ADE Amsterdam

Have you booked a trip to Amsterdam for ADE? Do you want to get exclusive access or extra’s? You are at the right page, because the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket can grant you this and much more! ADE Amsterdam lasts 5 days and it’s filled with loads of events: 2500 performers in 140 different clubs! Former ADE visitors claim their experiences will stay with them forever and recommend this adventure to anyone. Are you interested in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket or do you want to know more about ADE Amsterdam, the biggest electronic festival in the world? Read further for the answers! 

ADE during the day

ADE will provide the best electronic music you have ever heard in one city. However, during the day you get to see much more. Creative arts such as film, art, live music, photography, gear demonstrations, technology events are all represented during the day. These are the things which Amsterdam is known for all around the world. The buildings in the city show this as well. 

ADE during the night

During the night it is time to crank up the electric music tunes. Several known DJ’s will take the mainstage and rock the ADE crowd. The stage designs and visual technologies are top-notch and considered a real experience for visitors. Therefore ADE Amsterdam never saves no expenses for this cause, because visitor experience is one of the most important things. The five-day spectacle can be even more fun with a Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. With this ticket for only €10,- you can get several discounts, free drinks and much more. Free entrance at Holland Casino with a free drink is definitely recommended. If you like to go ‘club-hopping’ the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket can help you save more money, because you get free entrance to a lot of nightclubs. 

The Ideal Bulk Gifts for Employees with Flightgift

Gifting employees is not usually easy, especially when you have many people to think about. Flight gift cards are some of the most practical solutions to this dilemma. With flight gift cards, recipients have the freedom to choose their destinations. Flightgift covers over 300 airlines in its services, meaning that customers have an array of destination options. Employees can use the gift cards in whatever way they like; whether it's going to see family or taking a much-needed holiday. The beauty of flight gift cards is that you can give twenty people the same thing but it will mean different things to each one. Because you get all the cards in one place, it makes shopping for bulk gifts for employees quite simple.

Personalise Your Gift Cards

Flightgift offers you the chance to do something different with its gift cards. Senders can add personal messages for recipients. Whether it's the end of the year, company anniversary or celebrating achievements, employers have the chance to make workers feel appreciated. Besides messages, you can customise flight gift cards for the brand. Employers can choose images, colours and text that correspond with the company. The cards are suitable for bulk gifts for employees because they are environmentally-friendly. You can request to have Flightgifts delivered as emails or printable PDFs. If you are struggling with what to get your employees at year-end or as appreciation, consider flight gift cards. Give employees the opportunity to build new experiences through travel with Flightgift.