Month: April 2019

Looking for a provider for a Usenet newsgroup?

Looking for a provider for a Usenet newsgroup? Than just take a look at the website of ViperNews. Here you will find more information about our services. We offer you three reliable packages to access almost every Usenet newsgroup. Our packages are not only reliable and fast, but also very cheap. You can already subscribe for a package that just costs you 1,79 euro per month.

We offer you a fast and reliable service

If you want to have access to a Usenet newsgroup, you need a reliable and fast provider. Even if your internet connection is slow, we offer you a fast service. We are not only fast, but we also think about the privacy of our customers. We don’t keep a log of all the data you accessed through our servers. With our SSL-encryption, your privacy is guaranteed.

Want to have access to a Usenet newsgroup?

If you want to use Usenet and have access to a Usenet newsgroup, then just try out our free trial service for seven days. This service gives you access to every Usenet group. After the free trial period, you can choose one of our packages. We offer three packages: Viper10, Viper50 and ViperUNL. Are you curious about our services? Just visit our website to find out more about ViperNews and our packages.

DJ booking agency Amsterdam

Are you looking for a DJ in Amsterdam then its necessary that you find a DJ booking agency Amsterdam. Did you know that Amsterdam has some booking agency’s that are known for the best and famous artists? You can hire awesome DJ’s like DJ Dyna, Don Diablo, Martin Garrix and a lot more! If you decide to create a party or a festival it’s the best way to contact a booking agency. If you decide to do so, you know for sure that the company have a great list of artist. If you decide to book multiple DJ’s they also will provide you a nice discount and that’s always great, because the famous DJ’s aren’t cheap.


If you
want cheaper DJ’s, it’s also possible to contact DJ booking agency Amsterdam. Beside the
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