Month: March 2021

Circular Garden Daybed Review

Love this product. I recently ordered this for my garden project. We had so many plans for travel this year but since we weren't able to do that, we decided to spend the time to transform our garden into our own holiday destination. We had a plan in mind, but know nothing about garden furniture so we took a bit of a chance on the Circular Garden Daybed.

Final Result

The majority of the work was already done by the time the Circular Garden Daybed arrived, and my biggest fear was that it would not match the decor already in place. My fears were unfounded though as it fits in perfectly. The design is really nice and it adds a modern feel to the garden. The quality is excellent and it feels like it was built to last. It's easy to clean and maintain and my only wish is that we had more space in our garden for a second one. Until then we act like tourists in a resort - whoever puts their towel on it first gets the daybed. Overall 5 stars from us for a perfect product.

circular garden daybed