Month: May 2021

Hardness Testers

Are you looking for a hardness tester? Well, hardness testers are indispensable in helping you determine the hardness of a material or product. The tool works by measuring the effect of the item on the surface of a localised penetration by different materials. After using it, you will get to know the material’s property, strength, flexibility, and wear resistance. With this information, you can know whether the material in question is suitable for the intended purpose or need. Here are some of our hardness testers:

hardness testers


First invented in 1900, the testers make up the oldest hardness testing tools. They are often used to check the hardness of castings, forgings with very coarse grain structures.


The testers work best for products or items with not more than 1000gf. While they can also be used for 2000gf and 5000gf, they may show larger variations depending on the loads. They are great when checking hardness variations over small distances.


These are the most common testers in the market. They can quickly test the hardness of most metals and some plastics. One of its most significant advantages is its speed while testing as well as the ability to show the hardness after penetrating the sample material.


These testers are a great alternative to Brinell testers. They are the most convenient and easy to use hardness tests as it considers the calculations of the indenters. They can be used on any material regardless of the hardness.

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